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Travel Insurance…Get in the Know Before You Go

Spring has Sprung & Travel Season is Spring has Sprung & Travel Season is Upon Us! Upon Us! Get in the KNOW before you GO! Get in the KNOW before you GO! You ask, do I really need to buy travel insurance and is it worth it? The answer is YES. Many people traveling...

5 Ways to Maximize Your Medicare

These five ways to get the most out of your Medicare, can help you keep costs down while getting good care. They might even help you live longer and better! DID YOU KNOW: Healthcare costs make up about 17% of our country's entire GDP, concerning many of us with having...

Do I need Cancer & Critical Illness Protection?

What you may not know about cancer and critical illness protection policies may be financially devastating. I want to share some thoughts on this subject that I am extremely passionate about. First, I think it’s important to share some shocking statistics (American...

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