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Here We Grow Again

We are excited to be all moved into our new spacious location at 1611 Nw Federal Highway, just north of the Roosevelt Bridge, right behind Key West diner in the North Centre Plaza.

ACA Open Enrollment

In 2014, Obamacare, a policy that is known as ACA or the Affordable Care Act, was established and an ‘Open Enrollment’ was established between Nov 01 – DEC 15 to ensure individuals can make changes or join a medical health insurance plan that’s more suitable for them.

Medicare Open Enrollment

An open Medicare enrolment happens on a yearly basis between January 1st and March 31st. Within this timeframe, it allows individuals to re-evaluate their current Medicare Advantage (MAPD) Plan and make changes accordingly.


CONGRATULATIONS…your new Medicare (MBI - Medicare Beneficiary Identifier) card just arrived in the mail (which is usually effective the first day of your birth month when you turn 65), so now what do you and who do you turn to?

Giving Away 1,000 Surgical Masks

Our 1000 “FDA-Approved” disposable surgical masks have finally arrived and we will be disseminating them to any local resident who is in need. We will be distributing these curbside and will give one to each person in the vehicle (max of 2 per vehicle if only one person is in the vehicle).


Gary Owen proves to be not only funny but resourceful in the premiere episode of The Gary Owen Show. Along with his first guest, Tom Bouvier, Gary talks about the top tips and things to look out for when choosing a Medicare Plan.

Travel Insurance…Get in the Know Before You Go

Spring has Sprung & Travel Season is Spring has Sprung & Travel Season is Upon Us! Upon Us! Get in the KNOW before you GO! Get in the KNOW before you GO! You ask, do I really need to buy travel insurance and is it worth it? The answer is YES.