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Quality of Life Podcast - Featuring Skin Serenity Spa

Quality of Life Radio brought to you by WellMed here are your hosts Gary Owen and Tom Bouvier hello and good morning to all of our friends listening in on this fabulous Florida Tuesday morning another bright beautiful sunny morning it's May 11th 2021 and I'm your host Gary Owen and I'm your co-host Tom. We are joined today with the lovely Candance Lopes, owner of Skin Serenity Spa in Stuart, FL. Candace is also a trustee of the chamber, as well as I'm a trustee of the Stuart Martin County Chamber. We love the chamber we love supporting and supporting one another's business and we're here today to support Candace and her business at Skin Serenity Spa in downtown Stuart.


We take this very seriously this is your face we take your skin and your face which is the first thing people look at seriously because if something goes wrong who's to blame it's us, we're to blame because we didn't do our job.

What we do for the skin is we assess it assess your needs assess, your goals, and then go by what your bloodline is because we can't treat you out of your bloodline. So, it has to do with your heredity because of the treatments that we do we could actually harm you.

Call 772-600-8613 they can speak to our wonderful Lynn Austin at the front desk and she will be happy to take care of that for you.

I thought this was really you know I always share something bizarre and unique that happens around the country and sometimes it's here in the U.S. sometimes it's elsewhere, but a man who ridiculously claims he is a time traveler from the year 2582.

So, Tom we going to talk about today about insurance solutions. I'll go first because this week I had a gentleman - and typically Jerry's always listening to our show - so I'll give a shout out to Jerry as well. We appreciate him and his wife I had some time spent with them yesterday and bless his heart he's about ready to retire after many years with this one certain company not sure if he wants me to mention it on the radio, but he works hard.

We see him quite frequently at our office and he heard us on the radio show talking about insurance solutions and retirement planning and so we're able to help him with some fixed indexed annuities, save money you know take a portion of his re-money that he earned in his 401k and protect it so you know it's important that you build a great nest egg over time but now it's our job to protect a portion of that nest egg from becoming scrambled eggs.

So, we have those solutions in play with him and also a long-term care hybrid policy that makes sense it's a life insurance policy. Tt's a hybrid long-term care policy and then also he has another third option Tom, that in six years if he wants all his money back from that policy what happens? He can get a return of all of his premiums, isn't that amazing with no penalties. That is awesome so you know there are a lot of solutions out there, that we can talk to you about whether it's long-term care annuity planning, Medicare disability insurance, accident insurance, hospital indemnity insurance, dental insurance, vision health insurance, whether it's an individual or group plan.

You call us, the phone call is free 772-210-1020. Or go to www.oweninsurancegroup.net

Tom and I are going to continue providing valuable insurance planning solutions and by the way thank you so much for those of you that are watching and listening to us.

We hope that you enjoyed the show and we ask that you share us with your friends, your family, your neighbors, and remember Treasure Coast, stay safe, keep healthy, be happy, and enjoy your Quality of Life. Take care everybody, thank you Candace.


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